Bryan Magee does Daniel Romano @ NV Lounge – 3 July 2013


Bryan Magee
a.k.a. The K-Tel Cowboy

So I absolutely have to post this video.  Frequent readers of my blog will have heard me mention my concert wingman Bryan.  Bryan is also quite a talented musician.  He and I have an “interesting appreciation” for Daniel Romano who is a country singer from Welland ON that is managed by Blue Rodeo’s Starfish Entertainment.  I have held off writing anything about Mr. Romano because I am not sure what to make of him.  He honestly baffles the hell out of me.  Bryan and I saw him open for Whitehorse in Kitchener back in the winter and let’s just say he made an impression.  Take that how you want.

Anyway, I digress.  So for sometime Bryan has said he is going to cover Daniel’s “I’m Not Crying Over You” during his weekly open mic spot at NV Lounge in Guelph.  Well the stars aligned last week and he did.  Our friend Kristen got some video of it.  You can’t see much in the video but I had to post it if for nothing else than the benefit of our friends who’ve witnessed our lengthy Daniel Romano debates.  Enjoy it and if you’re feeling adventurous then go search out the real thing on YouTube.