Luke Doucet & The White Falcon – Blood’s Too Rich

Blood's Too Rich

Luke Doucet & The White Falcon
Blood’s Too Rich
Six Shooter Records (2008)

For my first actual post it only makes sense to start with my absolute favorite guitar player, Mr. Luke Doucet.  Unless you are really into the Canadian music scene its quite likely that you are not familiar with his name.  Over the course of the last 20 years Luke as played guitar on and off with Sarah McLachlan (starting with her at the age of 19!).  Additionally Luke has played with the Vancouver-based rock band Veal who released three albums.  With his wife, Melissa McClelland, they have released two albums as the band Whitehorse who I definitely be writing a review about in the near future.

As a solo artist Luke has released five albums and an EP.  Blood’s Too Rich is Luke’s fifth solo offering and the first that really go my attention.  I knew who Luke was and had heard him guest with other artists but I was not familiar with his own work.  I purchased this CD on a whim (and have since bought it on vinyl too) and was hooked from the second song.  While the open track, “Long Haul Driver”, is quite a good song its the title track which follows that knocked my socks off.  The opening lick played on Luke’s Gretsch White Falcon (hence the name of the band) just grabs you and is very typical Luke.  You know his playing when you as soon as you hear it.  Luke’s take on the Cure’s “The Lovecats” is quite refreshing.  Other standouts on the album for me were “First Day In The New Hometown”, “The Comandante” and “Beacon On The Southpaw”.  What can I say, I love up tempo guitar driven songs.  The album also contains a nice ode to the late bass player for The Band, Rick Danko.

While Luke plays virtually every instrument on the album except drums there are some notable contributors; Melissa McClelland provides additional vocals, Glen Milchem, Bazil Donavan and Jim Cuddy all of Blue Rodeo provide drums, bass and vocals respectively on numerous tracks and Colin Cripps guitar can be heard on “Take You Home”.

If you are looking for a solidly written, performed and produced Canadian roots-rock guitar album, then I highly suggest you give this a listen.